Q: I love using face wipes to get the makeup off. They work just fine and are super convenient. What’s so bad about them?

A: Imagine cleaning plates only with antibacterial wipes. Would you want to eat off that plate if you hadn’t rinsed it off? That’s kinda what you’re doing when you only use makeup wipes.

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I know that not everyone has time each night to do a full cleanse, and makeup wipes aren’t inherently bad for your skin but the way people use them can lead to issues down the road like clogged pores and increased appearance of wrinkles. If you’re in a hurry, and it’s either leave the makeup on for another night or use a wipe then I suggest the wipe. But if you’re going to use it, make sure that you are extremely gentle around the eye are, and rinse your face off before you moisturize. If you’re willing to do a little more check out this post about cleansing routines that fit your schedule.

Here is a great video that reviews eight of the top drugstore brands that can be used in a pinch. I don’t believe any are as high of quality as the products I sell (see shameless plug below).

The Best Drugstore Face Wipes For Every Skin Type | Into The GlossThere are many brands that use complementary ingredients which both clean and hydrate at the same time but when comes down to it, you’re scrubbing your face with a rough cloth that often has drying agents like alcohol or witch hazel. And remember, the cheaper it is, the more likely it is to have harsh, inexpensive ingredients that strip your skin and don’t necessarily get all your makeup off. If you can afford better, get better. Your skin will thank you in the long run.

Shameless Plug: I sell Dermalogica and HydroPeptide products at my spa, and in my online store here. If you need a good wipe HydroPeptide’s Hydroactive Cleanse Micellar Facial Cloths (30 for $20) are hydrating and gentle enough to use regularly. Or, make your own with esthetics wipes or cotton rounds and a little water and a squirt of Dermalogica’s PreCleanse ($45 for a 3-5 months’ supply) which is great for removing makeup, even around the sensitive eye area. (Check out this video to see just how great it is at removing even the heaviest makeup)

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