Athena's Oasis Health and Safety Policy

As an esthetician, I have over 750 hours of training with over 150 of those hours focusing on safety and sanitation. All personal service providers, including Cosmetologists, Estheticians, Massage Therapists, etc. learned what are know as “Universal Precautions”. These were put in place to protect our clients, and us, from things like AIDS, HIV, TB, and even the flu and Common Cold. I have increased my cleaning response, but most everything else has stayed the same. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email or call or text me at 425-231-0549.

IF YOU’RE SICK DON’T COME IN (DUH): I will send you home and charge you as a no-show. Having said that, there will be no charge for last-minute cancellations if you or someone close to you is ill.

SOCIAL DISTANCING: Please don’t bring anyone with you who isn’t getting a service. If you need to bring a guest, please text me at 425-231-0549 prior.
If you see I’m checking someone out and are not comfortable being in the waiting room with us, please feel free to sit in the outer waiting area by the elevators and I will come to look for you.

SANITATION:  Hospital grade Hydrogen Peroxide Wipes and spray, Ammonia Glass Cleaner and Hand Sanitizer have been used in my spa since day 1. Before I would clean daily, now I  clean between appointments.

PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT (PPE): Feel free to wear any PPE you would like. I have a medical reason for not wearing a mask, and can no longer even attempt to wear a mask without feeling dizzy and sick. I will continue to wear gloves depending on the service and wash and sanitize my hands before, during and after services per my training.

If you cannot wear a mask, I will not invade your privacy by asking about your medical condition.

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