At Athena’s Oasis the emphasis is on Skin Health, which is why every service, every product and every procedure is carefully evaluated before being offered.

Sugaring is the safest form of hair removal, and least likely to cause skin tearing/pulling and fine lines and wrinkles, Skin Script has quality treatment room and retail products that do exactly what they say, without unnecessary fillers, gimicky ingredients or outrageous prices and lash lifts are less likely to damage your lashes in the long term than extensions.


Groovy Sugaring

Sugaring, an all natural form form of hair removal that has been around for over 4,000 years, uses a sugar paste made of sugar, water and lemon juice to get rid of unwanted hair, without pulling skin. How? Well, it’s water soluble, which means it breaks down when it hits the water in your skin.

Most people find that their hair grows back thinner and finer over time, and because its so gentle, it doesn’t break down collagen and elastin like waxing, so you’re less likely to develop fine lines and wrinkles

Knockout Lashes & Brows

Lash Bomb Lash Lifts and Brow Lamination and Refectocil Lash and Brow tint give you the best lashes and brows without having to resort to extensions, mascara or pencils.

Lash lifts curl your natural lashes using an eye safe “perming” solution while brow lamination give you perfectly shaped brows every day. Results last 6-10 weeks. Lash and brow tints can last up to 5 weeks.

Embrace Your Inner Betty

From head to toes and belly to back, there is a service that will meet your needs. Whether you’re interested in smoothing fine lines and wrinkles, getting rid of peach fuzz, acne or bacne or you just want a little assistance with that one dry patch that keeps coming back, Athena’s Oasis and Skin Script give you what you need to succeed.

Every facial is custom created on the spot to address your skin type, concerns and goals. Upgrade your treatments to include advanced exfoliation such as Microderm, Dermaplaning, Microneedling or Chemical Peels and achieve your goals even faster.


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